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Why do I need SEO and how does it help my business?

SEO services allow your site to gain more visibility through more listing and digital connections across the digital landscape.  Building relevant connections through numerous methods creates more relevance for your site in specific key word search.  By having more relevance than your competitors, your site will rank higher and be much more likely to be seen before your competitors.  This is the magic that your competitors typically overlook…take advantage of this oversight and allow us to get your business in front of more potential customers compared to your competitors. 

On-Page Optimization – Creating Authoritative content with strong and relevant key words for your search requirements is essential.  This acts as the foundation of for ranking your site in search and reaching potential customers. This is a one-time service where we optimize each pages content and key word placement through extensive research for your business services.  This service is included with all web development by Golden Goose Marketing. 

 Off-Page Optimization – Developing powerful links between other relevant sites creates influence during keyword searches for your local business services.  Off-page SEO services are an on-going service where we continuously develop digital links to these relevant sites as well as list your business in multiple directories. 

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